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My desires are MY DESIRES


Oh the lessons of Life! I heard Dr. DeMartini tell this story: “A woman entered my office in a wheelchair, she was seeking my help. She was diabetic and at the beginning stages of Neuropathy. After talking with her and going over her story, I told her I believed there was no reason she could not be healed and we would start tomorrow! Tomorrow came and went and she never showed up. I called her and she asked her why she didin’t show up to what could be a life saving/altering process. She told me she was terrified that if her diabetes was cured and she no longer needed her wheelchair than the nurse who was pushing it would no longer be needed and that nurse had become her best friend – so she couldn’t get adjusted.”

I’ve thought of this story many times as many people have come and gone for many different reasons – sometimes explained similarly to the story above and sometimes never acknolwedged. However, today, I see this story in another way. Despite what my desire is for someone else or what I want them to experience, I realise that is not an honouring approach. There is no Love, Support or Honour in creating or trying to create an experience or outcome for another person.

So, the next time you think about “shoulding” on somebody or telling them to do what you want to do, stop and think if it’s coming from a place of Love or a place of Ego.

Life & Light,