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Is it REAL or just your reality?

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The other day, I had a conversation at the Cafe with someone that went something like this:
“I wish I could stay here, but it’s off to battle the world”
I said, “Ok, but why would you want to ‘BATTLE’ the world?”

Words are extremely powerful. Think about the levels of creation and their energetic/power levels:
Thoughts – the starting point of energy; higher than stagnant.
Words – the next level of energy; voicing the thought and proclaiming to the universe your thought.
Actions – the highest level of energy; building, creating, destroying, etc.

The idea that you would want to go out and “battle the world” or “this is going to be a struggle” sets you immediately at a high level of energy and attraction – the universe has no option but to manifest your desires (this is the Law of Attraction – see “The Secret”). When I was set to move up to Canada and open my practice, many people told me how it would be a struggle and I would have a difficult time with the body that governs chiropractic in the province. I started arming myself with letters and studies; an arsenal similar to someone who was going on trial for a serious crime they felt they were wrongfully accused of. A couple of months before I moved to Canada, I had lunch with Dr. Demartini and he told me that I was crazy for going into a battle. He told me to go in with love and the feeling that everything we be smooth like buttah! My other mentor, Arno, echoed the same thoughts. Low and behold, I shifted my thoughts, energy and emotion around the entire thing and five years later, it’s been nearly smooth as buttah!

So, watch what you create. Choose your words carefully and they will affect your world and your vibration!
Life & Light,