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It’s Just Me

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So – after thinking about this Blog and the idea that I’m puting myself out there more than I have before 🙂 – I want to post a disclaimer.

This Blog is not a chiropractic blog – IT IS a life blog. The underlying principle I live with is Vitalism. Vitalism is the knowledge that everything is created for a purpose and there is more to existence than what the eyes see.

One of my mentors, Arno Burnier, has always driven home the point that who I am as a person, dictates who I am as a chiropractor. What you see when I’m in my office is who I am as a person and vice-a-versa. So, one of my goals of this blog is to put some of those crazy metaphors, musings and thot flashes out there for the universe to see – because, writing things down puts that much more energy to our thots and demands that much more attention from the universe.

Be careful what you think, be REALLY careful what you write!


  1. Annie says:

    Funny how some expressons cause us to react. I was surprised to see the heading "It's JUST me"..whenever I see that I can't help but feel that the words have taken away from the uniqueness, beauty and absolute glory of each individual. I so much prefer to see …. It's ME! Each one of us is both teacher and student and a vital part or who "WE" collectively are. Thanks Kevin for all that you are and all that you share.

  2. chiro_ehl says:

    Again, so many definitions – I purposely used a word like "just" to see what would come up for people. Here are a couple of definitions of "just" that I was thinking of while posting:

    1. Simply; certainly: It's just beautiful!
    2. Honorable and fair in one's dealings and actions: a just ruler.