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Wellness is a choice. Enhancing or redefining your diet and/or exercise can provide tremendous benefits for your personal well-being. However, the energy put into diet/exercise has a direct effect on the outcome. Chiropractic is no different than changing to a healthier diet or committing to more physical activity, these things require time and effort. Chiropractic provides Core Healing and an increase in Life Force. The more energy/effort/commitment given to yourself and the adjustment, equals a greater impact and life altering experience. Just like working out or doing Yoga, you can stop getting adjusted. Not getting adjusted simply means Life Force has the possibility of being obstructed and less than 100% Life expression.

Life is addictive. Anyone who has a desire to live is addicted to life. Bursts of Life are what extreme sports enthusiasts chase. The sport becomes addictive and they are always looking for something bigger and better than before. Chiropractic provides Life Force through the adjustment. Providing a longer-lasting, grounding, un-obstructed flow of Life Force – tapped right from you!

How are the adjustments given?

Adjustments are provided with the understanding we are multidimensional beings, experiencing forces (subluxations) on all planes; posterior (back), anterior (front), sagittal (sides) and coronal (left & right relationship). Therefore, each person is assessed on how there body is holding forces/stress, which plane the subluxation is held and how will the body most benefit and learn from the adjustment. Subluxations are present in soft tissue, connective tissue and osseous tissue (bones). When subluxations are released, Life Force is released. This system of assessment/adjusting is known as Bio Geometric Integration, which is based on the sacred geometry of the body, dynamic forces and tensegrity. B.G.I. helps bring awareness to locations in your body where forces/stress is stored and Life Force is impeded from flowing freely. Adjustments at the Café of Life match the force/density of where the stress is stored. Therefore, if a subluxation is stored in the connective or soft tissue a light touch may be applied. If a subluxation is stored in the vertebra, a little larger force (light thrust) is given to match the density of the vertebra. Think of it this way: If a boulder (subluxation) is sitting on the edge of a downhill slope only a light tap (adjustment) is needed to get the boulder rolling downhill (Life Force flowing) however, if the boulder (subluxation) is lying a couple of meters from the edge, a slightly larger push (adjustment of the vertebra) is needed to get the boulder to the edge, over the edge and rolling downhill.

The least amount of force is always given to encourage your body to learn from the adjustment with the goal of evolving the nerve system . Eventually your nerve system will learn a new way to deal with subluxations and understand how to release them!

What to do next?

Whether this visit is for you or your child, the next step is to set up an initial visit by clicking on the “Book an Appointment” link below.  The initial visit will take 30-45 minutes depending on the complexity of your dis-ease process and the amount of questions you have for Dr. Kevin.  Dr. Kevin will perform a Chiropractic assessment as well as adjust you (if appropriate) on your first visit.  He will also go over the assessment and talk about a plan of action for your healing process.  Don’t delay, call today or book online to set up an initial visit!