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Remedy Me!

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I’ll be on a new show entitled, Remedy Me! on Tuesday, April 7th at 8pm on the W Network.

Each week, the documentary series Remedy Me! enters the lives of two different people suffering from the same disagreeable and often embarrassing ailment – from gas and hemorrhoids to restless legs syndrome and PMS. Each has exhausted their options with conventional medicine and is ready to try something new. Join them on their personal quest as they explore the world of complementary and alternative medicine in search of a remedy. The results are surprising, shocking, sometimes distasteful, often relieving and usually humorous.

People are yearning for a more balanced and healthy life. For many, the definition of good health and well-being has broadened to include the whole self – mind, body and spirit. Remedy Me! speaks to this growing audience and introduces them to healing practices that have always been holistic – Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Naturopathy and Reiki

Tell one, tell all! I know I will!