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Let it Rain!


Early Saturday morning, a woman about to get adjusted, said, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m happy to see the rain.” After the adjustment, I thought about her statement and the connection it has to healing and understanding the perfection of the body. The body performs thousands of tasks – simultaneously, all while appearing to be doing nothing or without any indication of the complexity involved. Many people take their health and their body for granted, not knowing of the complexity or perfection of the body. However, the Law of Duality allows us to reach a place of gratitude for our body and the health we have. Think of the time when your nose has been plugged with mucous or your throat is sore from inflammation and irritation. During the process, you may forget what it was like to sleep with your mouth closed or to swallow without pain. Suddenly, one day, the mucous breaks or the inflammation subsides and you once again are in deep gratitude and awe of the perfection of the body, the nose and throat. This is one of the reasons I love the Northwest – we have seasons – just when we’ve had enough of the rain, we’re blessed with sun and vice-a-versa. Life is a process (just like the weather), we are going to experience some rainy days and sunny days, getting adjusted keeps us in the sunny days longer but also allows the perfection of those all to necessary rainy days (improve the immune system, rest, detox, heal, etc.). So, I say, “Let it rain and embrace it, and when the sun comes out, get out and play!