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The Failure of Education


EDUCATED MEN have been studying male and female, functionally and physiologically, for 5,000 years. What kind of a male and female would this educated male and female build if possible? Fortunately, he still has nothing to do with reproduction, but he does try to dictate his terms upon production after reproduced. He would attempt to introduce and inject his needless experimental external artificial theories he promulgates and constantly changes from year to year. He would scheme him without God, without Innate Intelligence; psychiatrists would permit a sub-conscious mind to a limited degree; he would be without tonsils, appendix, and other “useless organs” which his education taught him man does better without than with. In spite of this, God and Innate have kept on building babies the same way, the same pattern, regardless of creed, color or country, for millions of years. The blueprint and pattern of Intelligence has not changed in spite of man’s educated ignorance.
– Palmer, Vol. 22, CH. 50, “THE FAILURE OF EDUCATION”, page 122

While Thomas Edison was lighting up the outer world, BJ Palmer was lighting up the inner world.  His thots and work still hold true today and will continue to proved scientifically or otherwise in the future.  I can’t get enuf of him!

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